Monday, March 14, 2016

Ridge's Walk Through The House

I love a good baby. I always have, and I'm assuming I always will. If that baby happens to be mine, then I don't know how to function from all the happy. Ridge is just that. He's enjoyed by everyone in this house, but he's especially doted on by his mama. I absorb every move that he makes, every new thing he does, and every smile he gives me throughout our days together. 

He is especially happy and especially smile-y. I'm 3-for-3 on chill babies, but Ridge wins Most Smiles. It's all he does. 

The other morning, as I was wiping his nose and dispensing Benadryl, we went for a walk around the house. He pushed the buggy, and I kept it from running away from him. He worked so hard, he had so much fun, and he threw down the gauntlet on cuteness. 

I know this is nothing special. He pushed the buggy through the house, but I love babies and I love every little thing they do. Pushing the buggy and kind-of walking through the house IS A VERY BIG DEAL!

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