Wednesday, March 30, 2016

90% Full Of My Babies

My children are taking over my stream of consciousness during this sweet season of life. They're my go-to topic in my head, my conversations, and my passions. Almost everything is ABOUT THEM. Often I throw my free time at things that are very non-kids in the name of staying interesting, and I gravitate towards my friends who can not only relate to that mom-side, but also talk about something other than our kids! It's exactly where I want to be: relishing this time of being a mom of littles while keeping myself from drowning in the obsession. 

Then I tuck them in bed, find a quiet moment, and scroll through my phone pictures, BECAUSE I CAN'T QUIT THEM!

I remember this night from a while ago-I was working with Burl on some reading and Fern wanted to be included so I gave her a version as well. I emptied my patience bucket on this little session and wondered (for the 4,000 time) how moms actually homeschool! Teaching is not my gift.

We found a fun new playground with these fun double swings. Burl did well, but I dominated. 

Last minute, I decided to give the kids some Easter baskets: candy and a little lego set. Burl put his together before breakfast and literally carried it with him all day long. Anyone who came by got a detailed description of all it's little parts. I've never seen him love a toy more.

Baby sick days are pitiful. I hate it for them, but I love the snuggles. I got about three hours yesterday of sleeping Ridge time and I loved it. The days where he does this are fading quickly.

Part of my Easter dinner meal was a simple bunny cake, to which Burl decided needed some eyes. He told me, "I just poked my finger in there and made some eyes."

For 20 days, I ate salads for lunch everyday. I didn't get a crown or lose 20 pounds, but I felt better. I have kept up the trend and enjoy creating something different everyday. My absolute new favorite is: spring mix, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, blue cheese, and walnuts. The cheese and nuts were key!

Fern got invited to her second baby shower recently. The first thing she did was plan her outfit: which dress to wear. We got a picture with my mom on the way to our cars. Say hello to my thigh (hashtag dark meat).

Wednesdays are girls night out. I take Fern to children's choir (taught by her aunt), then we do something special. Buy gum, take her cousin to ice cream, eat at a restaurant, etc. These nights are a huge deal for Fern and the magically turn her into a better version of herself. It's adorable. On the way to the car one Wednesday, she asked, "what is it called when it's just girls? 'Girls going out?'"

Occasionally, I have the jewel of a day when I get to go by myself and pick up Burl from school. We usually stop of a treat on the way home and he talks and talks and talks. I remember on this day, he quizzed me on math and we played "guess the animal." I love his ramblings-he's got my gift/curse of external processing. 

Trusted her with my camera and watch her become free!

Who needs Disney World? Not Ridge. He loves a good empty dishwasher session!

Ridge loves to flop down and transition to a superman postion. He will hangout like it's totally normal to hold a baby like this. It cracks me up. (Note to self: buy some windex!)

We experienced our first Mega Party Store, where the money and time just drift away!

See? I'm drunk of little times of doing nothing special at all because BABIES. My babies. I love them. I don't want them to consume me, but they kind of do and I don't even care. 

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  1. I hope you don't think I am a crazy stalker. This post sums up why I love your blog and keep coming back: you truly enjoy the little things, are so present in the moment and I admire that and find that so inspiring! As i read this post, I kept thinking of the Kurt Vonnegut saying: Enjoy the little things in life because one day you will realize they were the big things. And, btw, I did not know Kurt Vonnegut said that until I looked it up to make sure I got the quote right!