Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Battlefield At Sunset

John's dubbed me the fun one. I'm constantly hurling up ideas for a fun adventure-big or small! Last week, I convinced Burl to run errands with me. "Come on, it will be fun, you know we will get a treat!" Well, our kindergarten schedule has limited my last minute, late night crawls. However, during Spring break, I was constantly coming up with ideas!

 On Saturday night, I took an opportunity after dinner to drive to the Battlefield to "use those new binoculars." (Really I just see the mom world through new experience glasses.) We made it there right before sunset. We climbed the tower, then drove a portion of the loop WITHOUT SEAT BELTS because we're wild and free. 

We came across three herds of deer. This sent us running/skipping/sneaking through fields to get closer. When we add a little adventure with light (and I mean VERY LIGHT) danger, the kids turn into super kids. Kind words. Thoughtful gestures. Serene siblings. It's adorable and we all love each other a little bit better. I'm literally skipping through fields and laughing with the kids. (Actually, I'm always laughing with them but RARELY skip.)

Crossing creeks turned up the excitement. We're like natives with our scheming. 

Ushering the kids into a little adventure is great, and the full reward is when they stop following my lead and try it themselves. Oh the bravery!

We stayed up almost two hours past bedtime, so we left the baby home with John. We were so worn out from our adventures that we had to re-fuel with milkshakes on the way home. (Because food goes with adventure like pb&j.) I love this growing up thing! These are my favorite little times with them!

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