Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Teal Mama

I found Fern like this a few days ago:

It was cold out, we were hanging out at home, and she was bopping around the house. Next thing I know, she's put on her cute suit and gone teal on me. That's the perfect outfit to wear when you give your swaddled baby a bottle, everyone woman knows that. 

This girl loves being a mama. This morning she declared very firmly that she "is not a toddler, I am a mama!" Ok, little mama, whatever you say. You do you! 

As sassy and determined as she is, she comes up with the sweetest compliments. Last night I was putting her to bed and told her how cute she is. She replied, "you're cute too! And happy every time!" Oh, how I hope that she really feels that. She is such a source of joy for me and our family. Mama or toddler, she is a great Fern!

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