Monday, April 11, 2016

Our Ginger Routine

We're about a month and a half away from Summer break, and I can not wait to have all my babies with me all the time. Among all the kindergarten changes that we've been through this year, a minor change has been having just two babies with me, Fern and Ridge. We have a loose routine everyday. During Ridge's first nap, Fern gets to watch TV. She watches and plays, while I clean then join her (I usually read my Bible or a book in the den). If we're leaving the house, then we have a two hour window where we can go on an adventure. We frequent playgrounds and have lots of picnics before their afternoon nap:

Fern abounds in patience and love for Ridge, bordering on his little mama. She's protective  and careful with him. 

He watches her and tries to keep up with her. What a cutie he is crawling around, testing out what he can and can not do. (And shaking his head "no" when he knows he's not suppose to do something, secretly hoping that I'm not looking.)

I know that I'm a broken record of "I love being a stay at home mom," but I can't quit the feeling. 

It doesn't take much to get them excited, and I feed off of their sweet wander! What a summer we will have! I'm ready to get it started!

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  1. I think the fact that you appreciate being a stay-at-home mom so much is what keeps me coming back to see what you all are up to! It brings me such joy to see how much you love your kids and appreciate your life!