Wednesday, May 11, 2016

A Fox Named Ridge

My second favorite thing of being a mom is raising siblings. I especially love when they do sweet gestures for each other. This is a post about something that Burl made for Ridge's birthday.

During the course of Ridge's party preparations, Burl slipped away and enthusiastically started working on a project. He wanted to write a play for everyone. It was about an owl that saved a fox from being eaten by a bear. 

He wrote the narrator's script, created a setting, made a fox out of balloons and construction paper, gathered costumes, and labeled everything. His cousins willingly fulfilled the roles that he assigned them. 

This was such a huge deal to me! I give all the credit to kindergarten for this level of courage, creativity, and execution. It was beautiful. The crowd demanded an encore, which was pretty easy, considering it lasted only a minute. 

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