Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Ridge's First Birthday Party

On Saturday we celebrated our sweet Ridge's birthday. 

We invited grandparents, cousins, aunts, and uncles and had a small brunch with cake and presents. 

Ridge's birthday has been a long time coming in many ways. Since Christmas, Burl and Fern have asked me to pray that Ridge can have a fox birthday, because his beloved love-y is a fox. Well to their surprise but not mine, the Lord answered their prayers. 

I was looking for easy fox cakes online, when I saw instructions for this beauty. I showed it to John and he said, "oh I can make that-no problem!" I baked it, iced it with the white, and breathed down his neck while he did the details. 

For the first portion of his party, Ridge was napping. The poor birthday boy had a fever and wasn't feeling himself (as seen in the picture above). 

Eventually he warmed up to everything and he returned to his natural resting face: smiles.

He wasn't interested in actually eating the cake, but he sure enjoyed smashing it. He got it in his hair, his clothes, and all over his face. It was a good show.

Then, he has a quick bath and wardrobe change in time to open presents. It's a challenge to find appropriate gifts for everyone to gift him. However, this year I came up with great ideas and he was well loved!

He was an absolute doll and his party was a sweet time! It was probably my favorite first birthday celebration! We are excited for Ridge to be one!

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