Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Our Happy Third

Ridge's birthday has been surrounded by a chunk of processing and overthinking on my part. (I know that his birthday was 2 1/2 weeks ago, but it's still worthy of noting. What was it like having a third? How did we do? How did I feel? How has this year been? 

The answer is that this year has been wonderful. Adding Ridge has been a delight. I often remember the prayer our OB prayed an hour after Ridge was born. He asked that the Lord would give our family more love. That prayer has been answered in so many ways. The way Burl and Fern love Ridge, the way we love another child, and the love that Ridge has for everything has been such a gift! I almost cry when I remember that prayer because MORE LOVE is the perfect theme for these past twelve months. 

Ridge is a delightful baby. While all my babies have been laid back, Ridge is by far the happiest. His resting face is smiling. That's our boy! Always happy, always smiling. 

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