Sunday, March 12, 2017

Burl Is 7

I am fully aware that I go overboard at birthdays. It's not the pinterest parties and big expenses that are my downfall, it's the celebrations. with the celebrating. In my mind, they're OUR KIDS and WE WILL CELEBRATE having them because they are our biggest gifts.

Cookies at school, family doughnuts, bonfire with friends, and our newest tradition: a solo dinner out with Mom and Dad. See, we take this past overboard. 

We also added a family trip to the aquarium to see their newest exhibit. 

Birthdays have a way of bringing up all the feelings of raising children. I've found myself remembering his early days, considering who he is now, and wondering what lies ahead for him. John and I have really enjoyed him lately, and we often talk about him after bedtime. He's so young to be the oldest. We mess up with him more than the others, which means he gets our apologies the most. He has a self-unawareness that is refreshing, and he doesn't get embarrassed often. It creates problems when we have to get stuff done and he's in his own world, but it makes for an easy going son.

When he's not at school and home with us, he energizes his younger siblings and things get wild. When he's at school, the younger ones are much more subdued. That's what he does: brings the fun.

Over-celebrating seems fitting for our rowdy seven year old. 

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