Saturday, December 16, 2017

Christmas Tucks

Whoop. I'm ready to put some Christmas on this blog! I've got Christmas spirit times two, because last year was a bust. I was 8 months pregnant with the biggest baby ever, sick (ended up getting the flu ON Christmas day), and had no energy but for the tree. My memory of last year was pain and exhaustion. 

Not this year! It's my first Christmas with four children, and they are so into it. They're guessing presents, rearranging nativity scenes and pretending to shoot the fake mistletoe that hangs in the doorway. We're also following an advent guide for the first time. 

After Thanksgiving, we got out the tubs, the music, and a new cookie recipe. We were jolly. I have a small handful of breakable ornaments that I put on the tree in unreachable heights, but other than those, I let the kids decide placement. Fern decided that all the white angles need to be together, so dang it they are together! No spacing here-that makes no sense to her!

Last year, I was at a friend's house for a mom-brunch and her house felt so festive and cozy. She was a tucker (like I am) putting yard trimmings here and color there. Nothing over the top. This year, I tucked too:

My free decoration that's not really free-buy some good colored Christmas card stock, punch oversized holes, and sew together for easy garland. Ridge "helped" with this and was amazed by the production. 

Sometimes the kids help tuck too-Fern got a discarded branch and put in in the vase and added it to this vignette. Like mother, like daughter. 

And Christmas cards-filling our dining room window with color. 

This is the dresser in our bedroom. What you might see is plain and boring, but what I see is PEACE AND QUIET. Mama's haven. 

My next door neighbor has given me an open invitation to grab branches from her front yard. It's a goldmine of evergreens. She has three types and I have some scissors. 

I stuff them everywhere-seriously nearly every room. 

It's like playing Where' Waldo? in each room-where did she put some greenery now?

My biannual watering of my houseplants even looks festive in the sink. I love real plants in the house, but John always jokes about my lack of care for them. They get one watering once they arrive then they're on their own. I'm nurturing a bit more now (and finding more resilient plants). 

Eucalyptus is my favorite! I love the smell and here you'll notice that the muted leaves' colors really bring out the ambiance of the sound machine. 

The living room sees a lot more living this time of year. Aren't twinkling Christmas lights romantic? I've had a standing date with the tree at the beginning and end of every day. John is allowed to come too. 

And now I continue to fill the space under the tree with presents. The more I add, the more the kids' excitement builds. Jesus is the reason for the season, but these sweet children add to it as well. 

Merry Christmas!

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