Friday, June 18, 2010

The First Ruffle Shirt That I Made

Over 10 years ago, a girl friend of mine told me about how wonderful and great these were:
That's right...I wear men's undershirts.  I love them.  I wear them for all kinds of things.  Painting, working out, lounging around the house, etc.  I usually wear a medium, but last year when I found out I was pregnant, I bought extra large (that fit up until that last month). Now, I have about 10 or so v-neck undershirts in my t-shirt pile.  Well, with my most recent sewing hobby, I use them for something new.  I use them to cut into scraps for practice.  

Then, I saw this on Pleated Poppy 
This girl put ruffles on her own t-shirt.  Since a white t-shirt and blue jeans is my favorite thing to wear, I knew that I had to try this and add it to my collection of white tops.   Enter: yet another use for favorite v-necks.  

I took a v-neck shirt, cut it out to make a scoop neck, finished the edges, and followed the instructions from the Pleated Poppy.  Here is my rough draft of this shirt:

It's a little sweaty because I had worn it to work out.  (It's a rough draft because I cut the opening too big & at one point I accidentally sewed the front of the shirt to the back.)

I'm pretty in love with this.  I'll be making more.  (Side note & huge ego boost:  when I was wearing this, I ran into one of my friends who did not believe that I made this myself.  She asked me if I would make one for her too.  I am only too happy to oblige.)


  1. Um.....LOVE!!! Love the shirt, love the blog, love everything! I'm adding you to my Google Reader, for sure. Can you email me the link to where Pleated Poppy gave the directions for the ruffle tee? I searched on her site but couldn't find it...

  2. MEG! I love this!! GREAT JOB!! send me the link for the instructions :)

  3. yay...the link is right above the picture the second picture. SO EASY.


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