Sunday, June 13, 2010

Living & Loving = My Adventures.

A few days ago I bought a couple of songs on iTunes that were from the movie Into the Wild.  The movie is pretty good-it's about a boy looking for "something" after he graduates from college.  He burns his cash and roams around the country, working and exploring.  He heads to the wilderness in Alaska where he lives by himself for a while.  The movie has some beautiful scenes, and I enjoyed it.

 One thing that it did for me, and what the music that I just bought does for me now, is wake up that adventurous part of me.  Everyone has that part in them that wants adventure.  What some would define as "adventure" would be travelling.  Yes, I agree, that travelling is a great adventure.  I've done that, and still do a bit of it.

 But, I think that adventure can be something else.  My adventure is living my life.  I'm married. I have a mortgage.  I just started having children.  Some might say that my adventures are over, or at least extremely limited.  I say that they are just beginning!  My life right now is the biggest, best adventure that I have been given.

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE waking up and having a blank canvas of a day to live with my family that I love.  My friends that I love.  My city that I love.  And my God that has made it possible to have love and live love and enjoy love.

Here are some pictures of Living & Loving:

Here's one for having my OWN adventure, and not letting anyone else tell me what that is suppose to be.

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