Monday, June 21, 2010

I'm No Scientist

I'm no scientist, but I'm learning that LOCAL is always better.  Local food is always better than what I can get in a can, a drive-thru, and it's sometimes even better than organic food.  Why?  Well, sometime along the way, I learned that as soon as food is picked, plucked, killed, or made, that it starts to lose nutrients-and I love me some nutrients.

My most recent local purchase is eggs.  A few years ago, I upgraded from white eggs to brown, cage free eggs.  Why the color:  White eggs come from chickens in cages where they might live their entire lives (never going outside..eek).  The brown eggs come from chickens that get to run around outside their cages and be happy.  Happier chickens: better eggs.

My most recent upgrade:  LOCAL, FREE-RANGE EGGS.  (There are even some blue eggs in there that I use last because I love looking at them.)

These eggs come from a farmer about 30 minutes from my house.  He drives them in his car (not a semi), drops them off at his daughter's work.  Then, I stop by her work and pick them up for $2/dozen.  The yolks are GOLDEN and the taste is out of this world.  It is totally worth taking a bit of extra effort to buying one thing off my grocery list locally.  Mmm...


  1. You've achieved your goal've made me laugh more than once. I'll add you to my list of must-reads!

    I want to find out where to get those eggs.

  2. Yay for new blogs written by people I've actually met. :)

    Oh, and yay for some LOCAL nutrients!

  3. Meg
    Those are nice photos of my eggs. But I must make a correction. Egg shell color is not determined by being caged or not. It is simply a product of the variety of hen that layed them. What does make them different and the reason the yolk is bright orange is because of their diet. In addition to a balanced diet they get a lot of greens to eat. I even planted a very large patch of turnip greens just for them. They love them. In addition they get all of the cabbage, squash and other veggies that we cannot eat. I am glad you like them.
    Farmer Barry

  4. Farmer Barry, Thank you so much for the correction and double thank you for the delicious eggs! I LOVE them. Question, why are most brown eggs labeled "cage free" eggs? Why don't they say something along the lines of "these chickens are fed good stuff?"

    Thanks again for correcting me.

  5. Meg, I want the info on how to get the eggs, too!


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