Monday, January 13, 2014

Fern's First Hike

Our little hike this weekend was simple at first. Go to our favorite spot, grab the baby backpack for Fern to ride in, pack some snacks, and hit the road. There was a hitch in our plans when our hand-me-down backpack finally bit the dust. John's solution was that Fern could ride on his shoulders or walk, so away we went. It felt like such a plunge to take a two and three year old for a two mile hike with nothing to carry them in. 

We held hands, ate snacks, touched the water, saw the waterfall, explored caves, and were blown away at how much Fern hiked. 

Everyone took turns holding her hands and encouraging her, and she did so much of the hiking. Most of the time she was laughing and running, and I was quite surprised by her hard work and eagerness. As we joined so many people from our city as they hit the woods, our simple hike was turned into a monumental event: Fern's First Hike all by her little self. 

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