Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Modern Farmhouse In Asheville

Despite the fun dinners out, the waterfalls and hiking, the downtown strolling, and the Biltmore, my favorite part of our Asheville anniversary trip was lounging around the modern farmhouse where we stayed. It's hard to find a vacation rental that is clean and cute, and this exceeded both of those. 

I was pretty giddy when we got there as I walked around and took it all in. I kept trying to figure out why I liked it. It felt like random items put together with a single vision. There were unexpected details in each space, but it felt crisp and not overcrowded. I finally figured out my favorite part: nothing really matched, but everything went together. While the base of the house was well done, it was the unexpected pieces that made me swoon. 

A white fluffy throw blanket, Chinese wall print, open glass shelving, wallpaper, curved lines. These things were considered outlaws in my decorating book, but once I saw them in the farmhouse, I made a note to try and push the mental boundaries that I have when decorating my home. 

(ps...I loved talking selfies in the bubble mirror) The style that I gravitate towards in my own home seems to involve interesting, unexpected details with a clean and simple presentation-very similar to this rental. Being in this farmhouse made me want to come home and try even more ways to define my version of unexpected

In each of our homes we are all have our own version of matching and going together, but we could all use a little encouragement to discover deeper ways of decorating in our style. For me, that means adding the element of intrigue to each of my rooms. Staying in this place was an inspiration and I'm already at work to make my own home just as exciting as this vacation rental.


  1. Looks like such a great place and sounds like a great trip! I always LOVE your photos and your simple, appreciative-of-life way with words.

    If you guys ever decide to go to Tybee Island, I highly recommend Mermaid Cottages, we found the smaller ones very affordable for a family of four and SO CUTE and clean!

    1. Thanks! We had such a great time. While I'm normally a panhandle girl, Tybee and Savannah have their appeal. Love a good recommendation.