Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas Card, 2013

I'm still at the point in my life where I can't just send a simple, online bought Christmas card. I still feed the need to touch and artsy each one of my cards-oh, and it's so much cheaper! It wouldn't be Christmas if I wasn't staying up late at night watching TV and crafting. 

This year, I am all about the same-ole-same-old things: neutrals, clean lines, and simple*
*simple, fancy for plain 

craft envelopes 
+ watercolor paper (thick and textured)
+ a square photo
+ masking tape
+sarcastic letter (see below)

The Christmas letters and cards are just like the lights on the Christmas tree, I used more than the year before and still did not have enough. If you didn't get one from us this year or you are stranger who wants a recap of our year, this post is for you. Merry Everything, people!

Merry Everything, Friends!

We hope that you all are enjoying this season and this letter finds you well. We want to share what we’ve been about this year, but as you will see, there’s nothing special. While we’re having fun and feeling fancy, we are a typical family of four:

Fern is the epitome of girly. Her days are spent cooking in her kitchen, taking care of her baby dolls, wearing pretty dresses & jewelry, and dreaming of the day she’s allowed to use makeup. She speaks in a delicate little voice, and this sweetheart has everyone in the house swooning over her. However, if she feels threatened by her older, much bigger brother, then she can throw a slap, shoot a gun, or swing a sword. In this house a real lady can hold her own.

Our worker-man, farmer Burl is putting down the shovel and sweat these days all in the name of fighting. He spends his days playing hunt and wrestle with anyone who is strong enough-thank you ninja turtles. He’s growing up and often asks how much longer until he’s a big as his uncles, can drive his car, and go live by himself in the woods. However, he still takes a nap everyday and needs help getting dressed, so it’s not anytime soon.  He’s at such a fun stage.

There’s nothing notable about John and me. John’s like the average hardworking man who takes care of his family but much stronger. I’m like the average cook-and-sometimes-clean stay at home mom, but hopefully more fun. The only noteworthy change in our lives has been the addition of the iPhone. While sometimes suffering from tech-neck, we’ve enjoyed more texting and constantly being connected to the internet. Directions, quick shopping, and random facts? We’ve got them all. Nothing has been more fun than recording all of our good times and sharing them with family and on social media. We’re having so much fun doing nothing special and telling everyone about it.

Typical or wild, may you have a very fantastic Christmas season.

(Christmas cards of the past: 2010, 2011, 2012)

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