Monday, August 18, 2014

Being Around Our House

We've been spending more time at home lately. There's no particular reason, but we're all finding the slow pace to be refreshing. Our days are filled with white space to slowly fill as we want and visitors coming and going. We have extremely slow mornings of coffee, juice cups, stoop time, TV, and that beautiful magic we call kids playing. This unscheduled time feels slow and calm but also full and lively-and I believe those things can happen at once. Last week, in particular, we had several friends, family, and babies come by. Out of 26 people, half of those were invited and scheduled visits and the other half were just drop-ins. A few of those people came by more than once. Let me be the first to say it--I love it.

This pace feels like an adventure. Instead of exploring waterfalls and woods, our adventure is exploring 
vacancy and availability.  For this season, it's treating our little family well.


  1. I wish you could come and decorate my house! There is something so restful and beautiful and lovely about your decorating style!

    I totally hear you on the staying home, but I am a homebody and always find it refreshing ;-)