Monday, August 25, 2014

Phone Drop Update

Hello! Here is an update of my life via pictures from my phone-mainly cute things that my children are doing. The picture above is a picture of iced coffee and some flowers I cut from a field. I was treating myself because I got a new job with my favorite boss of all time doing something that is very close to a dream come true. More to come on that...

Burl and Fern are the sweetest of playmates.

I adore their rowdy tricks and funny antics. Pull the cushions off the sofa, pile the pillows, make a mess...these two get very creative during the days.

She walked in with this outfit and told me she has to go to the beach and to work.
Toddler talk paired with toddler style is edible.

While we frequently get twin yolks from my dad's chickens, one of those babes produced the biggest egg I've ever seen. Bless her heart.

First nails done in color. I never paint my nails, but I felt this huge bong and draw to have both our nails painted pink. Fern's girliness is rubbing off on me.

About 92% of the time, Burl is in warrior mode.

Our newest 4-week old friend had his first pool visit. Fern was so excited to have him join us. She was extra attentive when he was awake and moving.

I made tostadas for the first time and an avocado/kidney bean salad. The kids raved about this meal. Burl asked if we could have it again the next night.

Obviously, there's not much excitement going on here.
I'm just raising babies, making food, and enjoying the slow pace.

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