Tuesday, August 5, 2014

{Right Now, In Our Home}

Right now, in our home I am...
...bringing hydrangeas inside and spreading them around the house.
...giving the rest of them away this week to a friend's wedding.
...laughing at my attempts at family pictures.
...pretending my purple monkey grass things are lavender I collected when horseback riding in the countryside, as if.
...taping bubble bottles to anything to prevent spills.
...giving the credit for that tip to Instagram.
...finding forts and campsites all over the house in the smallest of places.
...making fruit and spinach smoothies daily.
...freezing the leftovers for ice cream snacks.
...reading fiction for the first time in too long.
...enjoying the break from the seriousness that nonfiction brings.
...looking forward to more of Summer and big and little adventures.

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