Friday, August 1, 2014

Renaissance Park Picnic

Today the kids and I enjoyed a picnic at a new park in Chattanooga.
Since I'm still learning where all its paths lead, it's new to me. 

Our picnic was a normal, fairly typical picnic. We went back and forth from eating and playing. There were gripes about "there are no toys here" that turned into digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and playing with bugs. We explored a few little places that seemed insignificant to me, but played a large role in the children's adventures. We were having such a good time, that I did what I always do-I pushed the kids past their nap times. They were excited about each little extra thing I mentioned, but things fell apart when I announced those three daunting words: On the way home we stopped to see John and the kids were so happy to tell him that "we had fun. went on an adventure." Indeed. 

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