Friday, November 21, 2014

Baby Brother

For over a year, Burl and Fern have been asking "for another Burl and Fern." When the rubber hit the road and we told them that we're going to have a third baby (who my sister friend pointed out hasn't received much attention on my blog), they each had opinions. Burl wanted a brother to wrestle and fight, while Fern went back and forth usually landing on sister. Whatever they wanted, they each told us that they would love their new baby no matter what. 

John and I found out together at the doctor's office, but the kids had to wait for John to get home from work to hear the news. They were given a bakery box with two gingerbread people in it-gingerbread boys for a brother or girls for a sister. Burl caught on to the concept, but we're not sure what was going through Fern's head. 

They opened their box to find two gingerbread boys because they're having a baby brother! Burl understood right away saying, "that's what I wanted!" When we asked Fern what it meant, she just yelled, "It's Corduroy!" 

As much as they were excited to hear about the news of their new brother, they were just as excited about their treats. Below is one of my favorite pictures of them. Post nap hair, serious focus and both of them cross-eyed. Even though they got big news, Burl and Fern were excited to focus on the real important items of the day: sugar.