Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Thanksgiving Flowers

Yesterday I stopped into our favorite buy-by-the-stem florist for $10 worth of flowers for our Thanksgiving table. The store was wiped out and getting ready to close, so I picked a few stems and went on my way. While we were outside playing, the girl came out and said, "Want the rest of the flowers? I hate to throw them out." Well, of course I do! I left with about $40 worth of remnants. 

Fern and I worked on them at home. Instead of making two little arrangements, we made three, full vases full of flowers. Fern took it upon herself to be in charge of tucking in the leaves, which she did so diligently. 

This reminded of the time in high school when I bought a pretzel in the mall at closing. They charged me for one, but gave me a bag of leftovers instead of throwing them away. 

Twice in my life I've left with a bounty of remnants.
From flowers to pretzels, who I am to turn down such a lavish gift?

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