Tuesday, November 4, 2014

The Time Our Family Climbed A Mountain

That meltdown that I had on the camping trip where I told John that I wanted to climb a mountain? Well we did that. Over the weekend we hiked Lookout Mountain with the kids. Fern road in the carrier most of the way, but little Burl hiked the whole way. I'm still recovering. 

We went into the hike fully aware that we might not make it. I was actually quite nervous about it, but John was everyone's cheerleader and encouraged us the whole way. 

Little Burl had about three minutes of complaining (something about his legs hurting???) but other than that he did incredible. I was really blown away. At the last little leg he was running, asking me if I was tired and telling me that he was not. 

The overlook at the top of the mountain is Sunset Rock and is my favorite in our city. Here's what Burl said when he got to the top (in order):
"Oh wow! This is beautiful! I see some red trees down there!"
"Daddy, can I play angry birds on your phone?"
"Mama, when we get home, can you make us a really big lunch?"

On the way back down the mountain, Burl was delirious. He kept tripping and falling down and laughing like a drunk man. He wasn't crying, so we were ok with the constant giggles.

The hike was absolutely beautiful. The trees were at their peak, so we had amazing colors surrounding us the entire time. Because we're crazy and had so much fun, we are already planning when we can try it again. 

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