Thursday, November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving Table

I've been restraining myself when it comes to holiday tables. Besides my mom, any lavish decorations seem to be bothersome to the guys in my family. Well, mainly my brothers. I've kept things bare year after year because, well I lack table decorating enthusiasts. 

Then, the kids came along. They say kids change everything, and when it comes to festive decorations it is true. Bless their hearts, the kids will often play "decorating" as they prepare for their pretend parties. They get the idea of dressing up our house for special occasions. Now we're all about the decorations, and everyone is on board for sake of the kids. Now, I'm happy to have the kids as an excuse to put together a table. 

The kids are especially fond of seating arrangements. When I saw the teepees, I fell in love and knew the kids would love them. Like I said, "it's all for the kids." I put my own spin on it and added it to my free-ish flowers and a few votive candles. 

The kids picked where everyone is seated, making sure they both get to sit by uncles. 

And I'm excited to be back in the festive table decorating game. For the kids, of course.

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  1. I totally understand. I really admire the simple, beautiful way that you decorate.