Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fern's Madeline Costume

This is not a Halloween post. That will have to come later, because Fern's Madeline costume deserves it's own post. She was that cute and I'm that proud of her costume. 

Fern fell in love with the cute French redhead when we read one of the books and especially when she watched the movie. Her Halloween costume was decided a long time ago and we stuck with it. 

 When we did the test run on the outfit, we hid in her room and assembled it all. While I hot-glued, Fern dressed up her doll as Madeline. *swoon*

Once we got it together, Fern modeled it for her her brother and dad. She walked out and said, "look Daddy! It's your little orphan girl!" Then she posed for several pictures and we all doted on her. 

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  1. This is adorable and precious and makes me sm8le.