Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Thanksgiving Table 2015

The kids and I completed our Thanksgiving table this afternoon and we had a blast. The crafts started with a paper cup turkey, then avalanched from there. Once they each took a turn with the glue gun, their craft switch was turned to can'tstopwon'tstop.

A special turkey with "100 googly eyes" was made for crazy Uncle Joseph. They're so excited and proud of their trickery. 

After completing 8 tiny turkeys, Burl and Fern were begging for more crafts. Naturally, I was quick to respond, "ok guys, go outside and collect eight different kinds of leaves. I've got an idea for name tags."

Between our yard and Miss Ruth's yard, we found a fun variety. I assembled the name tags, Burl wrote the names (ohmygosh the day has arrived of kindergarten scribble and it's the best part of the table!!!), and Fern cut paper turkey feathers for Burl and me. 

That's our thanksgiving table this year-a budding tradition that I do "for the kids."

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