Sunday, November 22, 2015

Post Drop-Off Hike

We're three months into this Burl's-at-kindergarten thing and we finally had the kind of morning that I had envisioned. 

After drop off Fern, Ridge and I went on a little morning adventure. We stopped by my current favorite coffee spot, then went on a simple little hike on the side of Lookout Mountain. 

Ridge got his morning nap snuggled up in the Ergo and didn't budge at any of the 1,000 kisses I gave the top of his head. 

I always know that Fern's having a good time and feeling safe when she lets out her deep, big girl voice. She talked to me the entire hike and told me all the things. When she lets out a celebratory dance move, I know she's really having a wonderful time. 

We found a patch of leaves between some boulders and camped out for a bit. Like most hikes, she spotted ferns and grabbed a few leaves. My earrings seemed to be the logical place to put them.

We took turns taking pictures, snuggling Ridge, and answering all her toddler-world questions.

After three hours of boulder climbing, waterfall chasing, leaf collecting, and a couple of visits to natures restroom, I packed it up and broke Fern's heart because we needed to get home. She could have stayed much longer, but I was getting that nursing-mother's hangry. 

I can't wait for our next morning when we can sneak off for a tiny adventure!

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