Monday, November 16, 2015

Halloween 2015

I want to take this opportunity to thank all the neighbors out there who are kind, gracious, and understanding when it comes to shy children who can't say trick or treat. I was not one of those neighbors for the first few years. I required the minimal "trick or treat" before I would give any candy. Then I had my own daughter, who has an incredibly difficult time finding the courage for such a brave act as knocking on a stranger's door, saying a cute phrase, and lifting a plastic bucket. 

I am broken in many ways, so naturally I'm not going to push my sweet Fern on several issues. This year, I didn't make her do any of the work. I even had to lift her bucket to people so they could drop the candy in the hole. I can help her along in so many things but this was not one of them and I don't even care. She's so cute, people were giving her EXTRA CANDY for being cute and shy. 

Of course, in Mama Meg fashion, we talked about it at bedtime that night. Fern, did you feel shy? Is feeling shy a bad thing? Nope. It's certainly not. Everyone feels shy. 

Burl, on the other hand, got the system. He was a mixture of trick or treat/thank you/wrestle Uncle Joseph in between houses. He was the typical kid, having fun and working the system, and it was exciting to relive my own childhood Halloween through his enthusiasm. 

Fern was not shy, however, once we returned home. She changed out of her costume and took over the candy responsibilities. She waited by the door for more kids, went outside alone, and monitored with authority. "Only one piece!" 

Maybe next year will be the year that Fern can talk. Maybe in won't. We'll still have fun and eat lots of candy and talk to all our friends in the street. 

Speaking of friends, we joined Big Boy Pierce in his first time out. How adorable is his costume? It's the Old Man from the Movie Up. Nailed it!

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