Tuesday, January 2, 2018

EPB Christmas Windows, 2017

This is the last Christmas post for this year. Stay tuned for how we've rounded the holiday corner and turned into 2018. 

I missed last year's Christmas window tradition because I was 4,000 months pregnant and had the flu. I was excited to get back at it again this year, with another set of babies to take with us. Ridge and Lark are the cutest pair together and I love watching them together. 

Burl and Fern have aged out of standing in awe at the windows. They're jumping off the bus stop, climbing benches, and getting yelled at for getting too close to the street. 

This year's visit was ramped up to the speed of four families. We did our normal routine: Lupi's pizza, free shuttle bus, windows, done. Not only did we go with another good family, we ran into two other families we knew doing the same thing. Game on. We were barely outnumbered, 9 children:8 adults, and we were pre-apologizing to everyone. I'm sorry for the noise, I'm sorry he stepped on your foot, oh I'm so sorry-did he hit you? Everyone was gracious and kind as we dragged our metaphoric sleigh ride around downtown. 

This year we added a stop by the Chattanooga Choo-Choo to see all the festivities there! It was a great, chaotic night out! We look forward to the years that everyone can walk (and keep up) on their own. This year, we had no problem breaking our backs and cramping our arms to see their little faces take it all in. 

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