Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Gas Station Lunch

What an exciting time for my simple children! They've been watching the creation of a new gas station near our house. (The underground work it takes for a gas station to operate is amazing!)

They spotted the sign that said "cafe" and begged to go. For weeks. Luckily the gas station started sending mailers to our neighborhood, and I collected $20 worth to use at their cafe. I splurged on cokes for everyone. 

We walked there, ordered our food, and ate at the only four chairs that they had. The kids said it was the best food ever, and we have to come back with Daddy! Later Burl said, "it's not that tasty after you eat it for a while." His accuracy rang true. 

This outing scored me a lot of mom-points for saying yes to such fancy requests!

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