Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Tree Bonfire

Every year we watch as some fun-loving 20-somethings grab our discarded Christmas tree on the side of the road. The kids freak out that someone is stealing it, then I explain what fun they are about to have. "They're going to light a bunch of trees on fire-I wanna do that!-we can do that at Pops' Farm!"

We scheduled it the same time that Daniel was there picking us his dog, so the kids were double happy. John stayed back with Lark while I got to take the truck and the three big kids on this adventure. 

As we pulled off the paved road and onto the gravel road that cuts through the woods, the kids noted the change. This is Pops' road! It was a normal, cold winter day, but still they want to celebrate our almost-arrival. "Mama, can you roll down all the windows?" "Yeah, and turn on a song and turn it up? A fast song so we can dance!" Loud dance music I took care of, but the windows stayed up.

We had a little bit of daylight left to roam around before we ate our hotdog dinner. Then the fun started. 

Here's the thing about Christmas tree bonfires: they are no joke and we were surprised. All it took was my dad lighting a few branches on fire with his lighter, and next thing we know, WE.IN.TROUBLE.

For a reference the tree standing up in the fire (pictured above), is 7-8 feet. The flames were enormous. Immediately my dad pulls out his hose, and immediately we realize that it's frozen or busted or both. 

My dad goes for buckets and the flames calm down. Daniel and I rearrange some things and have a decent bonfire going that is covered by the skeleton trees. There were too many sparks, so my dad put out the fun fire. We headed inside, the kids made hot chocolate that they didn't drink, and we passed the time like true locals-TV on the big screen!

With not nearly enough experience, Dad and I already declared this a annual tradition! Christmas Tree Bonfire, or as my dad called it, Meet Your Local Fire Department. 

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