Wednesday, July 14, 2010

It's My Burfday

Today is my birthday...I'm 29!

For my birthday, I always drink a coke, go to the pool and have a special dinner.  This year is no exception!

I plan to take Burl for a birthday walk, get him a nap, hit the pool with some friends, come back for some more nap, then go on a picnic with John and Burl!  Because birthdays turn into a week (sometimes more), I've got some other fun things on tap.

I'll get together with my closest friend who lives out of town, 
go to family birthday dinner at my favorite restaurant, and 
have a party with friends around my favorite white-cake-white-icing cake.  
And, I'll eat it the next day for breakfast.  

My husband is in the birthday thing too.  Last night he surprised me with a petifor for dessert and said "happy birthday."  Let the good times roll!

In honor of my birthday, I'm posting several cute pictures that I wouldn't mind being a part of.  

Images found here.


  1. happy brithday meg! enjoy your day/week!

  2. hey meg! I just looked at your whole blog- it is sooo cute!! i love the pics of burl in his bumbo and all your sewing projects- if ya ever get bored, make me a ruffle shirt!! :) You're the best 29 yr old around! wooooohoooo

  3. Happy Birthday! Sounds like you have lots of funness planned.

    p.s. love the pics! nice collection. can I be a part of them too?

  4. Happy, happy birthday!! I love all the pics you posted, absolutely dreamy. Hope your birthday is joyful and that you feel celebrated!

    {P.S. I am ALL about turning the birthday into a birthday month. Well done, you :) }


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