Thursday, July 15, 2010

Mornings with Burl

One of Burl's cutest times of the day is in the morning.  If things are going well, then we have some serious playtime on the floor!  It involves, but is not limited to, a little tummy-time, practice sitting-up, droolin' and so-on.

Right now, he can pull his pacifier out and hold onto it. 

He can pick something up and get it to his mouth/face/then pull it back to look at it.
HE ROLLED OVER!  (Back to stomach...this kid's a beast!)

He can follow us if we walk around the room.
If he hears a noise while he's in his crib, he turns to look towards the door.

With every new thing that he does, I'm celebrating and telling myself to SOAK IT ALL UP!!

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