Monday, March 12, 2012

This Week's Menu

Every Sunday (or in this case, Monday) I post my menu for the week.  I love looking back at what I've made.  It helps me see the ruts that I have been in and it shows me the adventures that I've taken in the kitchen.  Adventures are very daring for me.  Sometimes they work out and I hit a home run and the ball is out of the park and I do a little dance in my head that I successfully tried something new.  However, sometimes it's just the opposite and I fail big time and we're eating hummus with bread and slices of cheese because things didn't work out.  I used to feel bad about that, but John has gotten pretty good at scooping up my ego and handing it back to me with these gentle words: "Meg, I LOVE that you try new things!  I love that you keep trying to find new recipes and cook different things for our family.  Thank you.  Don't stop." Ego restored.  Hummus and bread play a great backup for those nights.  

This week, I'm feeling adventures as well.  I'm serving an all kale salad and I hope it goes over as well as the first time I tried it at cooking club.  I'm also trying a new tomato soup that has curry and coriander and coconut milk.  Everyone cross your fingers.

A Simple Tomato Soup

Cajun chicken and bell pepper pasta
Kale salad and bread
Mashed potatoes, okra, pintos

*I got this recipe and amazing picture from 101 Cookbooks site.  I love this site!!!  She makes me want to be more adventurous in the kitchen and behind my camera.  Drool and swoon.

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