Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Mrs. Chesterfield

With curves like that, Chesterfield is definitely a woman.  Bada-bing, bada-boom.  Mrs. Chesterfield is the new sofa that lives in our house.  She is by far the fanciest thing that we own.  We have so many jokes about it, because it feels too fancy for us.   Then we sit down on it to think about it and realize that, mama-mia, Chesterfield treats us nicely.  She's so beautiful and big and soft, yet firm, that I think we could survivor on it if we're ever without a home.  

Even Joseph, who is not materially at all when it comes to home stuff, couldn't take his eyes off her:

  Joseph: Is this the new couch?
Me: Yep.  Do you like it?
Joseph: Yeah! It's nice!
Me: {in sarcastic font} We will be serving brandy and cigars on it later this evening.
Joseph: For real.  I was just thinking the same thing.  
Me: What does that mean?
Joseph: Doesn't really match the motif around here.

Yep, the motif is changing around here, but ever so slightly.  Before, I liked my clean lines, my solid colors, and the simplest of simplest.  Now, I'm craving layers, patterns, interesting, earthy elements.  One thing that isn't changing is my deep love and admiration for the power of white, and my need for things to be simple.    

Below is a picture of my old couch with her plaid showing through on the slipcover.  I miss what she meant to me, but I don't miss her.  

Below is a picture of the now: 

The switch to leather was monumental.  That's right.  Like, huge deal.  I saw that someone who had a white couch switched it out for a leather one and I loved it.  I've always loved leather and used to want it, but somewhere along the way felt like my style wasn't leather anymore.  

I mentioned to John about the white-to-leather change that I saw and he did a back flip and made banners and started chanting "Lea-ther! lea-ther!" around the house.  What my man wants, my man gets.  I thought about it, and the Chesterfield style literally popped into my head. I google imaged it for John and he was like a deer in headlights.  I ended up finding one in town on a major sale and he sat in it and fell asleep and had a vision that this was the one.  

Look at the closeup of her seat.  Umph.  I just love how the sunlight brings out all her cracks.  I can't get enough of it.  We will all pile on there and just play around.  Fern thinks she is big stuff if she gets to roam around on it.  My favorite time of day is after the kids' naps when the sun is warming the den and we play climb-on-Mama or put on a DVD while we all wake up slowly or something in between.  

Mrs. Chesterfield is not only a woman, but she's a mother.  She knows how to get us together.  She's so good to us, and in return we tell her she's lovely and sit and crawl and sleep and read and watch TV with her.  She makes everything better.  We see you, Mrs. Chesterfield, we see you and you are looking good.


  1. It's Beautiful!! Looks so comfy too!

    I couldn't agree more about decorating with white. I would be happiest in a home and white, grey, and throwing in some tan for good measure. :)

  2. We've been without a nice sofa/couch/davenport/whatever-you-wish-to-call-it for a long time. I still don't know the style we might like best, but I'm so happy that you found one that is perfect for your family. :) And I think it's great that your "motif" is changing! Go with what is YOU, and what fits in this point of life! I think the brown and white looks fabulous.

    1. Thanks for the encouragement! couch purchase=big purchase=takesforevertodecidepurchase.

      Good luck, Meg

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