Monday, December 3, 2012

This Week's Menu

Ah!  It's the beginning of the week and the weather is beautiful enough to turn me into super mom.  Doing laundry, planning meals, and training children seems picturesque when the weather is perfect.  I'm excited about some the meals that I've got lined up this week.  This Whole30 afterlife is a combination of wonderful and challenging all at the same time.  I love eating more whole foods, cooking with different spices, and not relying on easy things to make.  However, old dogs and new tricks are somewhat difficult.  I feel a little lost in the kitchen sometimes.  Lost or not, I still go on.  Here's what I'm making this week...

Asian lettuce wraps, brown rice, pineapple
Pork tacos (lettuce wraps for me), fruit
Grilled tenderloin, zucchini, roasted carrots
Roasted butternut squash, something else yummy to go with it.  Any ideas?

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