Thursday, December 13, 2012

The Gradual Christmas House

This year's decorating theme is called Gradual.  Things are looking more Christmas-y a little more everyday.  

While there is comfort in putting the same decorations in the same spots every year, that's just not how I operate.  I will not be found taking a entire day or week lugging down tub-after-tub setting things just right.  Things just have to happen when they can around here, and that means decorations as well.  Right before I sat down to the computer I decided that I couldn't smell Christmas enough, so I vased-up some rosemary clippings to get me in the jolly mood.  Awe, smells, they really get things going!

Now that I'm feeling Christmas, seeing Christmas, and smelling Christmas, I'm ready to do the rundown.  Here's how this year went.  

1. The tree & trimmings.  We switched to a real tree years ago and there's no looking back.  Thank you Lowe's for a great deal on a tree and all the free trimmings and tree stumps that my heart can handle.  

The tree was posted up in the living room and I got wild with the trimmings.  I made this monstrosity and Burl called it a tree.  As he says, it's the bigger vase ever.

Vases,  bundles, containers and anything else I can find got shoved full of Christmas sprigs and sprinkled around the house.

2. The lights. A day or two of looking bare, the tree gets a little depressing. I grabbed the bag of lights and lit the tree.

3. The day after the lights, I feel lonely without all the knickknacks, so I bring down two tubs.  

I look at all the little things and don't want most of them, so I pull out two mangers scenes, the plastic mistletoe, and the stocking hangers.  I only use a half of the ornaments because less is not more, less it less and less is best.  Try saying that a few times fast.  

4. I find some gift tags and get some gifts ready for giving.  Christmas cheer just got real and I'm loving it.  

5. I asked my neighbor for complete access to her magnolia tree and she enthusiastically told me, "help yourself to whatever you want.  By the way, you're looking super skinny!"  I grabbed my scissors and headed towards the tree and decided that she was and always will be my favorite neighbor.  I should hang out with her more often.

Magnolia leaves were added to arrangements and shoved in a bucket for a fun display.  

6. My favorite decoration comes in slowly...Christmas cards!  I love stringing them together in the front window.  I'll get giddy when I have to add another row.  Send them people, send them!

7. I want even more layers of Christmas, so I clip some rosemary.  I'm loving the smell, so I make a mental note to grab some more.  

While the stockings over the mantle and a few manger scenes are like the shotgun at the beginning of a race, I find my stride to Christmas by slowly adding layers.  Those layers usually come free and are usually my favorite.  

Whether all at once, gradually over time, or not at all, I hope Christmas cheer and merriment are growing in your lives.  Tis the season for all kinds of good things!


  1. Awe! We have the same nativity set! I love it! Since we're not going to be here during Christmas we don't have a tree - just the nativity set and two (and half - for Cole Lee) stockings. Love your Christmas Decorations!

    1. you have the willow tree? ha.

      since you won't be home for xmas, I can understand the no-tree thing. I don't like it, but I understand it. At least get a rosemary plant in there. they smell DIVINE!!!

  2. So pretty! I just blogged (again) about the same thing (slow). I have no excuse, as I don't have toddlers. But I am very much enjoying the slowness of the holiday this year.

    1. i don't think mine has to do with and I are just working off of inspiration. Now, doesn't that sound fancy and artsy? ha.

  3. your home is beautiful! love the soft colors- and i love your gift tags!

  4. I love your gradual Christmas decorating! I pull the tubs down and then I gradually decorate until Christmas Eve!! Rosemary is wonderful -- I have a huge bush : ) Merry Christmas!