Monday, December 17, 2012

Personalized Card

Words are fuel to my soul.  Spoken or written, I love thoughtful comments, insight, and conversation.  Over the years, John has learned this about me and done well at picking up hints that I need to be showered with words.  One of my favorite things he gives me at Christmas is a letter.  He spends the extra money and picks out a really beautiful card and fills it with a sweet Christmas letter.  

Oh, hey there, Christmas tree.  We see you and your sparkle. 

I've started to do the same.  Most of the time, the gifts are fun and nice, but the letter is where the good stuff is.  {Insert good, but not over-the-top analogy here.  Could I say dripping with honey, logs on the fire, wind beneath my wings? All those are pretty dramatic, but I'm falling short of a good image here.}  We save the letters, we reread them, we smile, I cry, and we fill so full when we get them.  The letters are so much more of a gift than the ones that we unwrap.

Last year, I had special ones printed.  This year I had two printed.  One of the cards is for Christmas and one is for our anniversary that is a few days later.  The quality is nice.  The price is amazing.  The shipping was free.  The delivery was quick {like ordered on Friday, received on Monday}.  Two thumbs up for Card Store

When giving gifts this year, think: would a card be best?  A thoughtful letter?  A personalized picture?  Isn't the answer always yes?  Maybe this is the year to start a new tradition!  I highly recommend a gift of this humble magnitude.

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