Thursday, January 3, 2013

Burl & Fern, {Right Now}

I'm feeling all happy and lovey-dovey about the kids these days.  They are so much fun.  Our days are spent playing and being rowdy.  Anyone who babysits them or comes over says the same thing: they are so busy.  These kids play and play and play, and I love watching them!

Until last night, I haven't snapped very many just-at-home pictures lately.  John went climbing, so I had the kids for dinner.  As I made dinner, they played (and things got messy).  Even though I say this often, it's still so true: I can't believe this is my life.  I'm making dinner and children are playing in the house.  They play at my feet and want a snuggle, or they run/crawl around the house being rowdy.  Anyway I look at it, they're great and I love having them here.   Today, I'm just going to record a few things that they are doing that I think are so cute.  This is such a fun stage!

Right now, Fern is...
...climbing.  She likes to get as high as she can.
...showing a caution and carefulness that her brother never did at this age.
...crawling around the house like she owns the place.
...walking around the house if she has something to hold on to.
...looking for opportunities to pull things out.  (napkins out of the cabinet, silverware out of the dishwasher, books off the shelf, etc.)
...requiring more consistent discipline and training than her brother at this age.
...understanding a lot of what we say.
...perking up if she hears a dog.
... mimicking what we do (yesterday she got the dirty diaper I just changed and crawled it into the kitchen, stood up at the trash can, threw it away, then shut the lid.)
...staying little, just how we like it.


Right now, Burl is...
...searching for food on his own and helping himself or asking for help.  ("Mama, are those boo-berries?  I have some?)
...keeping an eye on Fern
...letting us know if she's doing something she's not suppose to.
...loving his Curious George book
...talking more, as in actual conversations are occurring.
...working with his tractor, because it's not for playing.
...drawing actual pictures. (circles=fish, lines=water)
...looking very little and very big everyday.  
...missing John (after 10 days of having him home, we're all readjusting).


  1. middle picture of heart just burst! so sweet!

  2. fern looks like she's found a friend in ms. chesterfield
    her hair looks like it's grown a lot in just a few months
    burl looks like your brothers in that picture to me (where he's looking up)
    i have that anthro bowl he's playing with (at least it looks like the same one)
    i like these "at home" posts

  3. I love the pics of Fern on the table and the second pic of Burl