Monday, January 21, 2013

Fern's First Accident

Little Fern has had a bit of a rough week.  Not major rough, just a little baby version of rough.  

It all started last Monday during bath time.  She LOVES the bath!  After she's eaten enough at dinner, she will start pulling on her clothes while saying "ba bime," her version of "bath time."  Anyways, she is always so careful and so safe with her moves, but this one time her feet just slipped out from under her.  She fell and hit her mouth on the side of the tub, chipping two teeth. The chips are small, thankfully.  

We might have them filed (for safety), or we might leave them.  We haven't decided yet.  Anyways, I did the math, and Burl was the same age as Fern when he fell and cut his forehead open.  So here's my joke that I keep saying, "What is about my kids that at 14 months they hurt themselves and permanently damage their physical appearance?!?"  I say it all crazy-lady-like which makes is funnier.  I guess.

Then, she cut a new tooth and it really seemed to bother her.  We haven't had much trouble with teething with either of the kids, but this particular tooth seemed to really hurt.  One night she was so upset, we brought her in the bed with us to sleep.  That is The.Best. and almost the worst night of sleep.  Our babies have always slept in their rooms since night one, but there are those extreme situations where they are just so pitiful that they need some company to rest.  We love it.  Baby breath, soft snuggles, and a little hand grabbing at my face in the middle of the night are all part of the fun of having them in the bed with us.  The sleep, not that great.  

One thing is for sure: none of this has slowed her down.  She is still her little quiet, adventurous, exploring self.  She still goes and goes and goes.  It's fascinating to watch her go all day long.  She's always on a mission.

Hopefully, she's on the mend.  For now, we'll just keep kissing and loving on her.


  1. Aw, poor Fern. I hope she is feeling better now. I LOVED having my kids sleep with us when they were little. Even now, at 10 and 13, when they are sick they sleep with me and my husband sleeps in their room or on the couch. I like having them close when they don't feel good.

    1. Thanks! She's doing better, but Burl just got the throw up virus. His first time ever throwing up. It's pitiful. And I am terrified. Eek.