Tuesday, January 1, 2013

The One Where My Brothers Babysat For Our Anniversary

The first few times we celebrated our anniversary, we were intent on having a focused and romantic celebration.  Sounds fun, not.  These days we focus on fun, and that really helps take the seriousness and pressure out of creating a perfect evening.  Changing the focus from creating something extremely memorable to just having fun, relieves the pressure, which helps us relax, which helps us be more ourselves, which is always the best way to go.  This year, was pretty casual but simply enjoyable.

We went climbing for a couple of hours at the climbing gym, changed our clothes there, then drove half an hour outside the city for a relaxed dinner at Canyon Grill.  We came back home, made some dessert and joined our babysitters while they watched old Alias shows on Netflix.  Who were the babysitters?  My brothers, of course.  When brothers are involved in anniversary plans, expectations have to stay low and chill.  

One of my favorite parts of the evening was listening to them tell stories of babysitting.  Both the kids are very comfortable around my brothers (full disclosure: Fern is a little shy flirt around Daniel).  Instead of black bean tacos like I planned, they went for two pizzas, which I know thrilled the kids!  They said Fern ate two pieces, a banana, and one of her little kit kats that she got for Christmas.  They said that she was a wild girl and played so hard all night!  They said at one point, she was laughing and crawling quickly, trying to get both my brothers to chase her.  After dinner, they gave the kids their baths.  Fern loves the bath, so pulling her out breaks her little heart.  They told me that she "wailed."  They put her on the changing table to get her jammies on and she was so mad at them.  I think they found this equally pitiful and hilarious.  There was a major delay with dressing them, they explained, because they had no idea which was the front and which was the back of the diaper.  Their hand motions and explanation of this was hysterical.  Eventually everyone was dressed and snuggled, and both kids went down easily.  They said Fern laid right down and never made a peep.  Daniel snuggled Burl while they watched Curious George, then Joseph took him to bed where he got roped into reading a few stories.  All the kids' toys and clothes were left out, but that's fine by us because the kids were well taken care of.  

Whether it's an anniversary or just uncle hang out time, it's always full of stories.  Even there wasn't anything grand or spectacular about that evening, it is still one for the books!

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