Sunday, January 27, 2013

The Stomach Bug Of 2013

Oh dear heavens-to-betsy.  We all got it.  Thank you for those that commented, texted, and facebooked some words to me on that last post about having sick kids.  Having sick kids is nothing like being sick with sick kids.  

Friday was as bad as it got, which luckily went ok.  That was the day we all threw up, but somehow we were staggered.  Fern got early morning dibs, I got hit around lunchtime, John got it at the kids' bedtime, and Burl got it right around midnight (again).  I really don't remember much about the details of that day besides a little conversation I had with Burl:

me: {puking in the trash can}
Burl: What dat, Mama? Dat frow up?
me: Yeah, buddy, it's throw up {puke some more}
Burl: {laughing} Ew! Dat Yucky!!!
me: {still puking}

 Two days of no throw-up calls for a family picture.  hip-hip-hooray! 

John and I have noticed something about this stomach bug: either it hits adults harder or we know how to work it to get more sympathy.  John and I were worthless during out time in the tummy-slammer, but our kids barely acted sick.  Fern was a little pitiful, but Burl was a mountain of energy.  He wanted to play all the time.  

I have vague memories of Burl begging us to play with him but not being able to move a muscle.  It's still a blur (or a mental block).  He got very creative in his play and even came up with a game perfect for us: we would lie on the floor of his room and he would cover us with a blanket.  He would toddle about with a flashlight and talk about how there were no monsters.  This was a game he called Camping.  He was so proud of it.  He set the stage (his pillow and blanket on the floor), beckon one of us to his room, we would gather enough energy to hunchback-walk in there, and he would proudly show us the set up.  "Look, Mama, camping! da-da!" 

Here he is today (I was feeling much better) and he really wanted me to sit on his sleeping bag so he could pull me.  Even though he pulled with all his might (and tongue), he had to settle for pulling a stuffed animal.  This kid's got heart.

Little Fern was just pitiful.  She just needed sleep and snuggles.  She has slept until 10:30 for the past few days, which is about the pitiful-est thing!  When she wakes up, she just wants to be snuggled and gently entertained, which snuggles and gentle we can do.

Both the kids favorite part of the day was bath time.  We definitely turned that into a very prolonged activity.  I get that though.  When I'm not feeling good, a warm shower is one of the best places to be.  

We also have a shout-out to give!  We've had a side of runny-nose to go along with the stomach bug (bonus!), so I splurged for the "plus lotion" tissue.  The cheaper ones were lined laced with Vicks.  Holy moly! it's like rubbing your nose with a soft, smooth halls that leaves you a little high at the end.  It was weird at first, but I'm totally used to it by now and I'm digging it.  Shout out!

We've had two days of no puking!  If we go for a third, then I'm going public!  Everyone cross your fingers and say a prayer, because we would love to bust out of this joint.  Gotta roll, it's Downton time!

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