Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Looking For The Dove & Olive Branch

This post is brought to you by Bacon, Dryer Fuzz, & Rain.  Well, they're not paying my anything to write this, but those are the themes of my days lately.  We're a little bit happy, a little bit rowdy, a little bit vitamin D deficient (that's the vitamin we get from the sun, right?), and a lot of bit ready to get outside and play.

I'm not one for blogging about the weather, but good gracious!  It's been raining for at least a week straight and that is so rare for us.  We played outside a little bit last week during the breaks, but this week I'm just trying to stay dry.  Actually, I don't know how much outside time we would be having if it was sunny and cold because I don't like the cold very much.  I just don't like being rained on as I run for groceries.  The picture above is pretty telling of our days.  Good old fashion play.  

One upside to the indoor time is that I'm getting creative with the kids.  By getting creative, I mean that I bought two boxes of noodles for the kids to use to play.  I even let them dump them out and use my measuring spoons and toys and spread them out in the den.  I'm a wild Mama and I'm hope for mother of the year on that activity.  

Completely switching topics and upgrading the conversation,  What this Whole30 diet lacks in bread and cookies, it totally makes up in bacon.  I made bacon, eggs, and sauteed spinach for breakfast this morning.  The kids loved the bacon, so much so that they were completely quiet while they devoured the pieces.  I snapped a picture of Fern and the glisten from the grease is right there on that chubby little hand.

Speaking of dryer lint, we're really rethinking how we use our space.  We were sick of the washer and dryer being efficiently beside each other, so the dryer was moved to the dining room.  Just to shake things up.  Not.  The dryer started making this awful noise on Monday (aka, laundry day) so no clothes were washed.  John is really awesome and resourceful when it comes to this stuff, so he pulled it out and took it apart and diagnosed the problem in 35 minutes.  He ordered the new part and it arrived today.  I'm so excited to do laundry, sort of.  

We have had to redefine what "dirty" means around here, but just temporarily.  I will not become one of those women who hates the dryer or feels like Americans are too clean.  Not yet at least.

Need some baby eye candy?  Here are a few pictures of the babies.  They were all dressed up for my mom's "little party at the restaurant," so I put them in the chair together and snapped some pictures.  Burl is all about NOT taking a picture these days.  He either hides, looks away, or makes funny faces.  This is his rowdy face and his sad face.  Fern just thinks he's funny.

Those two are sweet, alright, but put them together and I just can't handle their cuteness.  

Here I am, being all crazy during nap time.  I'm eating rice-styled cauliflower with chicken.  Whole30 goodness right there!!!  It makes me giddy, and I'm going to share the recipe tomorrow.  It's incredible!

Until next time, send me any funny Noah-and-the-ark jokes about the rain.  My favorite so far was, "Hey, I just saw a guy with two of each animal.  What's that about?"  

Catch you on the flip side, peeps! Bacon.


  1. Ahhhhhhh bacon....the candy of meat!

  2. Baaaaccon!!! When we make bacon we always say it like that little dog in the commercial.

    It's been so gray and gloomy here, too...which is why I think I want to redecorate and paint everything and lighten up our space.

    1. Love that commercial, love that dog.

      We've got two more days until sunshine in the forecast! If it doesn't show up, I might just have to decorate with orange, and lots of it!