Tuesday, February 5, 2013

My Minimalist Craft Space

Oh heavens, I feel like I've been gone from this place forever.  An over-exciting weekend and a sick computer have kept me away for a few extra days.  I'm back and I'm ready to talk about my little minimalist make-over of my life.  Well, makeover might be too strong of a word, but things are changing at my house.  Aren't they always, though.  Gosh, sometimes I crave change and growth and evolution so much, that I'm looking for it all the time.  

So, here's the thing: I started reading the Minimalist blog.  Have you tried it?  It's good stuff.   My favorite entry is where they talk about how decluttering is a farce and not the answer to our excessive lives like we think it is.  A close second is the entry where they drop this line: Organizing is often well planned hoarding.  These reads are the things that have really helped me put into action some of the things that have been tugging on me since I got back from Belize in June.  There's excess.  There's stuff.  There's life.  And I want to do it all.  While I do like my possessions, my excess shows up big time in the things that I want to do.  Some have issues with having, I have issues with doing.

While I've been examining all areas of my life, just for fun because that's my idea of fun, I've been thinking about my crafting area.  It's been messy and cluttered for a bit, and I've left it that way.  That's how "artist" are...they have messy, cluttery spaces.  The stuff was getting on my nerves and I needed to clean it out, but I needed more.  I had to give up on a lot of stuff that I wanted to do.  I wanted to make everything and it just wasn't happening.

While I'm still interested in crafting some things, I've found some freedom in letting a large portion of my projects go.  I'm not starting on anything new.  I'm not holding on to several little half finished projects.  I'm just laying low and working on a few things here and there.  I think that's called growth.  

I highly recommend subscribing to that blog, and start asking the questions: what do we need to cut down on?  What else do we need to let go?  Where else can we find freedom?

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  1. great ideas and your photos are beautiful!