Saturday, February 2, 2013

Piddle Piddle

This morning the kids are off with my mom for donuts and John is off for a haircut and a session at the climbing gym, so I find myself at home-by myself.  I have what I sometimes dream about: the house to myself.  As I try to relax and enjoy this time, I don't.  I just get too hyper yet calm and can't seem to find the sweet spot where I perfectly enjoy my time.  I dance to Jackson 5, then I grab my camera and walk outside. 

I walk through a chilly house, past a door and two windows.  I sit down at the computer to turn on some loud music, and I happen to check my facebook feed.  I see three updates that it's snowing.  I turn my head to the left and see that it's really coming down.  Wow, I really missed that one.  Social media: 3, My ability to be present and aware: 0.

While I almost want to feel guilty and hate myself for not being productive or relaxing well, I'm letting those lies slip away.  Sometimes it's fun to piddle about without any expectations or guilt.  On this chilly weekend, my advice to myself and to you is to be free.  Enjoy.  Whatever that looks like.
Happy Weekending, Cool Peeps. 

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  1. I was trying to get up the motivation to go work out...but I really want to read...I think you just gave me permission to go thanks!