Monday, February 18, 2013

Some Great Advice On Raising Girls

My little Fern is walking more and more these days.  We're talking 70/30, walking/crawling ratio.  She's a little late to the walking scene, but I'm ok with that.  There's no rush from me.  This little girl is just so much fun.  

Recently, I received some of my favorite advice and insight on raising daughters.  I think that the same can be applied to raising sons as well.  It came about when my friend posted pictures of her daughter's room.  She has two teenage daughters, and I think that they are the bees knees. I left a comment that I loved the style of the room, and said something along the lines of "way to let her decorate like she wants to.  The payoff will be good in the long run."  Her response was epic, and I want to post it here.  I want to share it, and I want to have it permanently tattooed on my parenting playbook. 

The funny thing about teenage daughters and style is this: If you have a close, loving relationship with your mom, you don’t want to disappoint her.  So you agree to what she suggests, even if it is not your thing.  The challenge of a  mom (and you will experience this when your kids get older) is to see that is happening and make VERY clear that suggestions are just that. It’s a tricky thing, as parents we are all about being a certain kind of family “ climbing family, no tv family, artsy family,  humorous family, etc. “ and when our kids gravitate to those things, our egos can make us a little blind. It took me awhile, but I caught on that she was agreeing with me about stuff to be a pleaser.  Getting her to pick a paint color was like pulling teeth. I suggested a banner/ lights/ garland thing for her ceiling a few weeks ago…she put her foot down big time. Proud moment for me.

I thought that was great.  I want to digest that more and more, but I'm going to let it stay there, on its own.  Thanks for the advice, Tanya.  To her daughters (who I think read this blog), you've got one cool mama.

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  1. OH MY! Blushing and verklempt! Please remind me of this when I am fighting with her to not wear that xyz or to change her shirt. I do have great kids, though, I'll agree with that! Thanks!