Monday, February 3, 2014

Ice Cream & Sprinkles

Staying up late, hide-n-seek at night, $1.50 kick balls from the store-I just love treating my kids. We surprised the kids with strawberry ice cream right before bedtime. Not only that, but we went a giant leap forward and put sprinkles on the ice cream. 

We let them eat the ice cream at their little table in the den, another treat. It was a big night for them. Even though Fern couldn't finish her cup, she was still completely energized. It was so great, that she learned how to jump with both feet off the ground that night. She didn't stop jumping until we went to bed. 

The next morning they were still talking about the different color sprinkles that they had.

It was little and it was grand.

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  1. i love Fern's face...looking at Burl like "Can you believe this?" So cute.