Thursday, February 6, 2014

Our Snowpocalypse, 2014

With half the know-how and twice the enthusiasm, snow in the south is the best kind of crazy. I've been holding off on this post for over a week because we had two glorious day of being kids with our kids and I want to do the time right. It's not easy to find the right words, but here is my best recap: 

The snow came quickly and surprisingly sending everyone home at the same time. We'll skip the road problems and get straight to the fun. First some back story: whenever we ask Burl if there is something that makes him sad or something he wants to ask God for, the answer is always snow. He asks for big snow so he can dig-like major want. Naturally when he saw the snow, his mouth dropped and he asked, "did God make it snow?" In the words of my mom, HALLELUJAH!

I sent out a uncle call for sledding and Daniel showed up soon. We grabbed a baby pool and trash can lids and went to the biggest, steepest hill in the neighborhood. The baby pool was too hard to steer, so we traded it with some teenagers for a plastic sled. Burl.was.fearless. It's crazy what a little snow will do to rational parenting. Sure, send my three-year-old shooting down an icy hill that he couldn't even safely run down. Sure, let's him try by himself. Sure, let's put him in the back of the car with random kids so he doesn't have to walk back up the hill. Sure, let's try sledding face first. While I set aside my safety standards, I traded them for a new smile that I've never seen on Burl before. Eyes that turned to slivers and a grin that stayed plastered on his face on what might be the best of his life (next to birthdays). 

The next day, the inch of snow/ice was still there, so we waxed our new sleds and set out for adventure. 

While Burl was having a spiritual experience on those hills, Fern was a little iffy. She liked it sometimes. It's hard to suck a thumb with a mitten and move freely with all the layers, so she ended up frustrated at times. Thankfully, she got in a couple of runs with her daddy and baby doll. 

It wasn't just Burl who was giddy and dare-devil-ish. John's work was thankfully cancelled, which never happens in adult world, so he was there for most of the sledding. He even stayed behind with Daniel to do some big boy sledding. He came home one day and said, "I blocked traffic on the main road to see how far Daniel could go without sledding." This is Mr. Safety who checks the tire pressure in my car if I go on a trip longer than 45 minutes away from home. 

We were all frozen, but man, it was so worth it. This was one of those days for the books. Even though I want to gush even more about every single small part of those days, I'm going to stop it here.

HALLELUJAH! AMEN! Preach it! We had a dang good time with our 1 1/2 inches of southern snow. January 28, 2014, may we never forget it. Bless it.

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  1. what a way to start my morning. Cool cool pictures.