Friday, February 7, 2014


TGIF, people! Want to see a bunch of pictures off of my cell phone? I knew it.
Here are some of my Instagram pictures and more from the past week:

Sometimes Fern likes to take pictures with my phone. 1 normal person picture=43 toddler pictures. Pushing a button is most exciting for those little people. I love the off-centered-ness of it.

I've been rearranging furniture since the early 90s. Fern's room got a little switch and she's absolutely in love with the new setup. She tries to get everyone to come to her room. Like mother, like daughter.

Burl at 3 months. When I see this picture, I laugh. Then, my arms and back start hurting just remembering how heavy this boy was. I just can't stare at this long enough.

One thing is for sure: this girl loves a trip to a coffee shop.

This is what I dreamned about on whole30. Bean and rice bowl with all the trimmings. It was everything I hoped it would be. I could eat that for breakfast!

Early morning selfie, because haircuts happen and I love when my hair gets did. 

With Burl at school, Fern took her first ride on the cart instead of in the cart. She was excited. 

Did you hear that there was a football game at the Bruno Mars concert? That split reminded my little brother, Daniel, that at one time he could do that too. Naturally, I made him prove it while I video-taped it. He nailed it.

This boy. Always moving. Always.

Someone might say that I've become a little obsessed with the Waterlogue app. However, John pointed out that sometimes it's a little too distorted. Can you find the ones that made us laugh at ourselves?

My little people go to playgrounds and make friends and form teams and have meetings in a clubhouse. Fern doesn't know what to do but to yell, "I like pink everybody!"

Warrior fighter man.

I got this picture sent to me from a friend. There is a women's retreat at our church this weekend and I couldn't be more excited! 

I hope that you and yours have a great next few days and you stay warmer than you ever have in these cold winter months.

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