Sunday, February 2, 2014

This Week's Menu

Thank you for the huge response from my food confessions. It makes me want to invite everyone over and we can talk about where we are and where we think we should go. I think that I would have a nutritionist there to tell us the actual truth, and of course we would have some killer good snacks. If you're new here, then I post my little menu on Sunday nights for a record-keeping kind of thing. It's worked well for me. There is nothing grand about our meals, so it's not a recommendation or anything like that. It's just a peak into what our family eats.

Lettuce wraps, homemade egg drop soup
Coconut shrimp, peas, acorn squash
Bacon-wrapped fish, wild rice, sauteed green beans
Black bean and rice bowls with all the trimmings

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